About Some Jerk

Some Jerk is a lifelong Seattle resident and transit enthusiast. He left the city in disgust after the monorail fiasco, but hopes someday to return to a city with a real transit system…


2 responses to “About Some Jerk

  1. What’s the deal with Seattle and the transit system? That is a big topic on Slog too. I’m from the Bay Area, our transit system sucks. But, no one really cares. Why do you think it is a focus of activism in Seattle? I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be, I’m just wondering why it is.

  2. Some Slogger

    Hey SJ — Nice to see you linked on the Slog, who knew you were way more into transit than suspected! Anyhow, nice posts on the Slog. The headstrong over there can benefit from your solid thoughts.

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